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La prière sacerdotale. OOC 1900-18, 188.5 x 369 cms.

The same picture with the current frame included. The head of Christ was changed several times during its evolution.

La Voie douloureuse (Via Dolorosa) or, Jésus conduit au Calvaire OOC, 1904-5, 219 x 353.5 cms.
Study for the head of Christ 1902
Study for the head of Christ 1904
Study for head of Christ 1905
St Francis blesses the town of Assisi
St Francis tames the wild turtle doves
St Francis preaches to the birds
Le Juge inique (The iniquitous judge). Illustration for "The Parables" published in 1908
Return of the prodigal son OOC, 1901-2, 47 x 33 cms.
Study for Return of the prodigal son
La fuite de Charles le Téméraire (The flight of Charles the Bold) OOC, 1894-5 318 x 538.5 cms.
Reverse of Swiss 1000 franc note 1912 La Fonderie (The Foundry)
Reverse of Swiss 500 franc note 1912 Les Brodeuses (The Embroiderers)